Peak Productivity Pyramid®

The Peak Productivity Pyramid is a framework that will help you take control of your days and increase your productivity. Much more than a set of tips and ideas, it is a comprehensive system that helps you more easily accomplish what’s important to you.

The Peak Productivity Pyramid is a Proven Framework

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the Peak Productivity System can help you take control of your life and achieve your goals.

How it Works

1. Physical Organization

Level 1 begins with setting up organizational systems for an office that is conducive to productivity.

2. Electronic Organization

Level 2 focuses on having methods in place for handling your electronic information and is essential to success at the next level.

How Do You Start?

To start on your own path to Peak Productivity, The Secret to Peak Productivity book is a great tool, with tips and action steps.

For bringing Peak Productivity to your business or team, Tamara’s productivity workshops can jumpstart the process.

Productivity consulting for entrepreneurs, executives, and teams can further help unleash their full potential.