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“This book gives you a powerful, proven system of personal organization that enables you to get more done, faster and easier than you ever thought possible”

– Brian Tracy, Author of Focal Point

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This book had me and my productivity problems pegged in the very first chapter assessment! I have been blessed with fast-growing business, but that success comes with continual challenges to priorities, focus, time management, and organization! What I learned and implemented within hours of reading this book has moved the needle on the daily “output” for me and my staff!”

– Margaret M. Lynch, transformational speaker, coach, author of Why Don’t I Have More Money

The Secret to Peak Productivity

Has your email inbox overwhelmed you? Are you losing the battle against clutter? Are important items on your To-Do list not getting done? Do you ever envision achieving your business and life goals “as soon as you get control of your life”? You’re not alone. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Using a simple model – the Peak Productivity Pyramid – this book will enable you to assess your own productivity strengths and weaknesses based on your business and your own personal style. You’ll then discover how to tailor your own personal plan, enhancing your productivity around five levels: Physical Organization, Electronic Organization, Time Management, Activity-Goal Alignment, and finally, Possibility, in which you will identify new life and business goals that will help you reach your greatest potential.

In this constantly-connected, do-more-with-less world, being able to increase your productivity is a real advantage. This book – packed with powerful tools and proven techniques – will give you the edge you need to more easily accomplish what’s most important to you.

This practical and empowering book will be immeasurable helpful to readers who need a manageable way to gain control of their time.”

– Publishers Weekly

People need to be more productive in their routines so they can control their stress levels and stop simply reacting. I am a firm believer in structured frameworks that support you step by step. This book’s Peak Productivity Pyramid can help you take this next step in all aspects of your life.”

– Christian Barbosa, CEO, Triad Producitivty Solutions

A very worthwhile read. Myles encourages and educates with well-thought-out options. The Peak Productivity Pyramid is a tool I’ll use to fast-track my client to what I know will be great results.”

– Standolyn Robertson, CPO: past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers