Training That Gets Results

Leveraging the most up-to-date science from positive psychology and organizational effectiveness, Tamara delivers high-impact skills training to emerging and experienced leaders.

Evidence Based Workshops

Workshops are built around empirically validated skills demonstrated to improve engagement, performance, productivity, well-being, and organizational commitment. Each training is highly customized using Tamara’s Discover, Design, Deliver process to ensure participants move from conceptual understanding to action and application.


First, we work together to uncover and clearly articulate your needs, goals, and learning objectives.


We then design an evidence-based workshop using the learning techniques that best fit your context and audience. Relevant examples and stories are woven into the design.


Finally, the workshop is delivered in a fun, engaging, and interactive format that helps participants move from theory to action.


Tamara relies on a variety of learning methods including interactive presentations, breakout activity sessions, role-playing, independent skill practice, and group coaching to increase practical knowledge and skill mastery. Popular topics include:

Thriving in the Future of Work

How to Lead Remote Teams with Purpose and Focus

The Psychology of Peak Performance

How to Elevate Your Game

Resources for Resilience

Ordinary Magic That Helps You Thrive

The Secret to Peak Productivity

Powerful Tools to Gain Control of Your Time

Leading by Example

Skills to Inspire Excellence

The 10 Habits of Highly Flourishing People

Leveraging the Science of Positive Psychology to Create Happiness and Meaning in Life

Meaning Mindset

How Leaders Unleash Potential, Build Resilience and Promote Well-Being

Strengths-Based Leadership for Managers

How to Unlock Your Team’s Superpowers

Happiness 101

Leveraging the Science of Positive Psychology to Thrive

Job Crafting

How to Turn the Job You Have into the Job You Want