About Tamara

Tamara helps leaders unlock the transformative power of meaning at work to increase productivity, build resilience, and foster innovation. 

Tamara is an author, speaker, and researcher.

Tamara is an accomplished consultant, trainer, and in-demand international speaker, with over two decades of experience helping leaders improve business performance. She leverages her expertise on productivity, well-being, and meaningful work to help leaders create systems and cultures that enable their teams to thrive, and their organizations to grow.

Tamara was one of the first 500 people in the world to earn a master’s in Applied Positive Psychology (aka the science of happiness) from the University of Pennsylvania. She is a leading global authority on meaning at work—her research is the first rigorous study to examine the leader’s impact on making work meaningful. 

Tamara works with a wide range of organizations, from emerging start ups to Fortune 500’s. Her clients include KPMG, Microsoft, and Google, and her work has been featured in FastCompany, Business Insider, and Forbes among others. She is the author of The Secret to Peak Productivity (2014) and her next book, More Than a Paycheck will be published in February 2025.

Tamara is an instructor of Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and a senior trainer for the Penn Resilience Program, the world’s leading organization for state-of-the-art, evidence-based resilience and well-being programs. 

Tamara was born in Brazil and lives in New England with her husband and three children. She does her best thinking on long walks with her 2 dogs while listening to an audiobook.

Tamara’s Values

I am committed to demonstrating these values through my actions every day.

Be Proud of the How: I believe that how we achieve our goals is just as important as the outcomes themselves. This value emphasizes integrity, diligence, and excellence in every action.

Strive to Simplify: I believe that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and approach every task with a focus on clarity and efficiency. By streamlining processes and eliminating unnecessary complexities, I aim to make the journey smoother for myself and others.

Other People Matter: I believe in the power of empathy, kindness, and respect in all interactions. I strive to cultivate a sense of belonging and support, where everyone feels valued, heard, and empowered to thrive. This value reflects my unwavering commitment to fostering genuine and meaningful connections.

Awaken Possibility : I believe it’s not just about what is; it’s about what could be. Fueled by boundless curiosity and continuous learning, I strive to help my clients see a bigger world.